"I really enjoy using NotifyNow from TRZ communications. It is such a time saver! No more calling people and asking them to call people to call people . . . One call does it all."


Maplewood Christian Church

Broadcast Voice Reports

   TRZ's Broadcast Voice Technology allows clients to Broadcast a voice message, in your voice, to thousands of recipients in a matter of minutes for just pennies per call. The process is as simple as leaving a voice mail. When you want to send a message, you simply dial a toll-free number, enter a password and records the message. You can send it immediately with the push of a button or schedule it for delivery at a different time and date. When you are finished, just hang up the telephone.

TRZ's computers begin to call out to your list and play your message when scheduled. We guarantee that all calls will be made in less than 15 minutes - if you call a hundred people or 50,000 people. Clients can upload their lists on TRZ's secure website or they can e-mail a text file list of telephone numbers to TRZ and we will load them for you. Once your list is loaded, you can easily create up to 99 sub-lists so you can target your message specifically to the people for whom it is intended. When the call is over, you can get call reports on the website that tell you if the call was received or not and even if the phone number is bad. TRZ will try three times to reach each recipients and will leave your message on their answering machine or on their voice mail system. &npsb;  

You can try a demo of the technology for free at any time. Just call our VOICE REPORT demo line at 1-800-846-4811 where you can leave a message and have it call a telephone number with your message. This technology is terrific for reminding people about meetings or important dates, thanking customers for their business, quickly getting price changes or other important information to agents or brokers, notifying numerous customers about special offers and promotions or quickly notifying clients about the new house that just came on the market! Use your imagination.

How can TRZ Broadcast voice report help you today? This service cost less than half the cost of sending a post card. It transmits a more personal and emotional message than an email. The message arrives in minutes. Plus people always answer the telephone but don't always check their email. Try the demo and then call us to day with your idea for using the service.

Tom Zawistowski

CEO & Founder