"TRZ Communications Services, Inc. has responded to our needs for conference call abilities professionally and correctly from the very beginning. I have never had a moments problem with their service and it has always worked correctly. TRZ personnel have always answered my questions promptly and been courteous. One of the few services I never have to worry about. THANK YOU",

Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association

Gahanna, OH

Teleconferencing Services

TRZ offers the lowest cost 1-800-Meet-Me type conferencing services in the United States as well as large scale listen-only conferencing. If you fax a copy of your current conferencing bill to TRZ at 1-800-846-4632, we will guarantee that we can beat your current price by at least 25%. TRZ uses state of the art hardware and software to allow customers to hold a 1-800-Meet-Me conference call for up to 100 people without any reservation, any monthly fees, any setup fees. When combined with our listen only conferencing capabilities, customers can have hundreds or thousands of people listening to our conference on the telephone and the internet all at the lowest rates available anywhere.

TRZ provides high quality teleconferencing services that are simple, fast and efficient. By focusing on the simpler 1-800-Meet-Me conferencing in which callers simply dial an 800 number and then enter the PIN number for their conference, TRZ has been able to drive prices down for the vast majority of conferencing customers. TRZ has reduced teleconferencing expense by eliminating the cost of providing operator services and allowing the customer to manage their own calls.

TRZ also offers something most major conferencing companies do not offer. TRZ offers credit card based conferencing in which each participant in the call pays their own cost via credit card. Callers simply call the appropriate 800 number, enter any major credit card number and expiration date and then the PIN number that connects them the the correct conference calls. When the conference call is over everyone's credit card is charged for the amount of minutes they have used. This eliminates the problem of having one party in the call having to re-bill all the other participants after receiving a bill.

To begin to use TRZ's teleconferencing services, and qualify for our 25% savings guarantee, simply fax a copy of your current teleconferencing bill that includes your name, address and telephone number to 1-800-846-4632. If you are currently not using 1-800-Meet-Me teleconferencing simply click the link below and send us an email that explains your conferencing needs and we will reply with a quote within 24 hours. Or feel free to call our offices at 1-800-846-4630 to discuss your unique conferencing needs.

Thank you for your interest in TRZ's Teleconferencing Services. We look forward to serving you in the immediate future and to saving you money for many years to come.

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